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Staying Safe During a Nighttime Breakdown

5 Tips for Staying Safe During a Nighttime Breakdown

Having car trouble is frustrating, but experiencing a breakdown at night can be dangerous. The dark makes it more difficult for approaching traffic to see you and your vehicle, which can lead to scary conditions while you wait for a tow truck.

To keep yourself – and others – safe if you experience a breakdown at night, here are 5 things to remember:

Use Your Hazards

Your biggest enemy during a nighttime breakdown is the dark. Turning on your hazard lights, as well as your headlights, will help passing vehicles see you as they drive by. The dark makes it much more difficult for drivers to see how fast other cars are going, so it’s important to turn on your hazards as soon as you notice something amiss with your car, even before you’ve pulled off the road.

Pull Over

Sometimes, such as when there’s been a collision, it’s not possible to get fully off the roadway. This also can be true on very rural roads or roads with steep gullies on the side. Do your best to pull your vehicle completely off the road without compromising your safety or putting your car in a dangerous position, as this will help protect you from passing cars getting a little too close.

Mark Your Location

When you’re driving at night, it can be more difficult to describe exactly where your car is located. Street signs, billboards, and landmarks are harder to see, even in an area you’re familiar with. Without putting yourself in any danger, do your best to find what road you’re on, whether you’re near any cross streets, and the location of any prominent landmarks before you call a tow truck.

Call for Help

Even if you think your issue is an easy fix, don’t try to do it yourself in the dark. Not only could you be injured by a passing vehicle, but inexperience with something such as properly locating and securing a car jack can make things dangerous. Call for a tow truck or, if you’re in a really bad spot, 911, and wait until help arrives to address the problem.

Stay in Your Car

If at all possible, stay in your vehicle. You’re much safer in a large object that has flashing lights than if you were standing alone along the road. If you must exit your vehicle to search for landmarks or get to safety, exit out the passenger side and not directly onto the roadway.

Reliable Emergency Road Service in Utah

When you have a nighttime breakdown, you need help – Fast! At West Coast Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery, we offer 24-hour emergency roadside service you can count on. Our operators are friendly, trustworthy, and get to you quickly so you can get home safely with as little interruption to your day as possible. Call today!

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