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Winter Car Care

4 Winter Car Care Tips to Help You Avoid a Breakdown

Winter is upon us, with it, winter driving conditions. Dropping temperatures, snow, and ice bring an increase in breakdowns and accidents. In these situations, waiting for a tow truck can be especially scary as any precipitation causes low visibility and slippery roads.

Here are some ways you can winterize your vehicle and decrease your chance of a breakdown:

Switch to Snow Tires

Snow tires are formulated to grip to the road in lower temperatures better than all-season tires. If you are reusing tires from a previous winter season, be sure there is adequate tread to avoid slipping.

A simple penny test will tell you if it’s time to invest in new tires: Place a penny head-first into the tread grooves. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires. When your tires are on, check regularly for proper inflation.

Make an Appointment with Your Mechanic

Many mechanics offer a winter check-up service. They will check your car’s battery and fluid levels, as well as other potential issues. An inadequate amount of oil can result in engine damage and breakdowns. Low coolant can cause overheating, and improper ratios can cause freezing. Your mechanic will be able to make sure all levels are where they need to be for optimal driving.

Change Your Windshield Wipers and Fluid

For winter, you need to find a windshield washer fluid (or additive) that can withstand below-freezing temperatures. Regular washer fluid can freeze to your windshield, making it difficult to see.

It is also important to install winter wiper blades. They are heavier and made with a protective outer layer of rubber to ensure that they’ll work, even in snow or ice. Summer blades are not meant to withstand those conditions and will likely fail.

Keep a Snow Brush with Ice Scraper in Your Car

When there is high snow accumulation, you will likely need to clean off your car before you can go anywhere. Be sure to clean all windows and mirrors so you can see, and clear your lights so  other drivers can see you. Don’t forget to clean the top of your car as well. As your vehicle heats up, any snow on top can start to melt and slide over your windshield, obscuring your vision. This can be very dangerous for you and those around you.

Fast and Reliable Roadside Assistance in Utah

If you experience a breakdown this winter, West Coast Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery is ready to help! We offer 24-hour emergency roadside assistance throughout Utah to help you get unstuck from winter storms. Our skilled operators can change tires and batteries, put gas in your tank, or transport you and your car safely and quickly. Call us today!

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